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Browar Gdański Kulturalny (Cultural Gdańsk Brewery) is a unique project of revitalisation and adaptation of the extraordinary space located in the historical cellars and Browar Gdański (Gdańsk Brewery’s) buildings. On few thousand square meters, the residents will have access to a rich range of ambitious music, theatre plays, films and literature, enhanced by a selected offer of restaurants, which will be enriched by an art gallery. Browar Gdański Kulturalny (Cultural Gdańsk Brewery) is the first private cultural facility on such a scale. It will change the face of Dolny Wrzeszcz (Lower Wrzeszcz) forever.

The historic cellars

The historic cellars

Culture and entertainment

In the first part of the vintage cellars, called lagering cellars, a complex of entertainment and cultural venues, which includes a concert hall, studio cinema and other places rich in entertainment, will be built. Communication will be possible thanks to the underground alley (6 metres under the ground level) – the existing historic corridor, which will be accessible from both ends through elevators and stairways. The main entrance to the cellar complex will be located on the Brewery’s main plaza – in front of the saltworks; the second – from the Wybicki plaza’s side. The underground corridor will be accessible for anyone and on its both sides it will have chambers with barrel vaults, in which new venues will be created. The whole complex will be also accessible from the underground garage level and will have an underground connection with the vintage water cellars under The Director’s Villa.

Recreation and services

The second part of the vintage cellars, called the malting cellars, under The Director’s Villa and Brewers Drying Plant will be turned into business premises and water area. New functions will be localised inside the historic, almost 100 year old interiors, partly covered with preserved brick celling and supported by steel post.

Cultural Gdańsk Brewery Logo
  • Brewery museum

    an interactive museum with instalations based on the Brewery’s historic pieces

  • Art gallery

    a place of exposition, advertising and sale of art pieces created by contemporary artists from all over the world

  • Concert hall

    a modern concert hall with 1200 seats, highest quality acoustics and high – tech concert and production systems, will host well known jazz, soul and blues artists. The hall will be arranged in the vintage interior with historic steel supports

  • Club

    an area that neighbours the concert hall

  • Studio cinema

    a cinema with 100 seats, in which unique, multi-genre and mostly not available films will be projected

  • Mini Brewery Hevelius

    the reactivation of Gdańsk’s brand Hevelius, with the production of own types of drinks brewed on place

  • Wine

    a restaurant, storage and shop with a wide range of wines for everybody, with tasting and home deliveries

  • Original restaurants

    the sum of passion and fascination enchanted in sophisticated cooking

  • Bookarnia

    a book – themed cafe, inside which you can read a book while enjoying a good espresso or meet your favourite writer

  • Barbershop

    a barbering stop with home atmosphere for men

Brewery museum

an interactive museum with instalations based on the Brewery’s historic pieces



On cellars lowest floor, on over 1100 square metres, Browar Gdański’s unique attraction will be created – the thermae. The cellars will hold areas with different temperature, lighting and quiet rest places. Thermae in Browar Gdańskim will become a recreation area that will offer, among others, sauna area (steam, dry and infrared sauna as well as cooling and relaxation area), massage and treatment area, pool area (with the main pool reaching 20 m, brine and pearl pool), bar and locker rooms.

Unique localization

Browar Gdański (Gdańsk Brewery) is a prestigious investment, which is fulfilled in the premises of an old brewery in the historic part of Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, near Kiliński Street. Because of the investment, a new way ( Nowa Lelewela) wiil be built and connect the complex with Wybicki Plaza. Browar Gdański is a perfectly connected space, which is located in near vicinity of the main transportation route connecting Gdańsk and Gdynia, as well as the train station. Visitors will have over 160 available parking spaces.

Aerial view visualisation

Historical buildings

  1. 1. Cooperage
  2. 2. Chalet
  3. 3. Stable
  4. 4. Transformer
  5. 5. Brewhouse
  6. 6. Drying plant
  7. 7. Director's house
  8. 8. Managing building
  9. 9. Machine room
  10. 10. New drying plant